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Whatever your SAP technical support needs, ThirdEdge has the answer.

At ThirdEdge, we have assembled a complete solution for your SAP support needs. We'll work with you through the entire SAP Technical Life Cycle from pre-installation planning through upgrades and steady-state support. With ThirdEdge's 24/7 support, you have immediate access to round-the-clock expertise, so your SAP system runs smoothly, day and night, every day of the week.

Today, businesses are concerned with more than just the cost of hardware, software and implementation. They are looking at the total cost of ownership for the life of the applications. Many organizations are finding significant value in a fixed pricing model for their SAP management needs. With ThirdEdge, there is a distinct advantage to a per-month cost over the major capital investment traditionally associated with SAP maintenance/support.

Our Remote Operations service brings you peace of mind in administering your SAP R/3 environment. Using Remote Operations assures you of adequate technical support and guarantees that basic operations such as monitoring, backups, and routine maintenance are performed on a regular schedule. When you have questions or problems ThirdEdge certified professionals provide expert Basis support whenever you need it.

For those customers that don't require 24/7 support and would like to use our services on an as needed basis, we offer our
Remote Consulting and Support service.

Each service offered by ThirdEdge is guided by our service delivery methodology to ensure the highest quality of service. Please view our methodology here: The ThirdEdge Methodology



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